Have you ever had the desire to express the hidden language of your soul, make the music visible and simply be insane? We'll provide you the level field to be fearless and limitless. Dance to the beat of your own drum; don't let anyone tell you it can't be done. The solo-face off competition, it’s about passion for your own style of dancing, showcasing your own crazy moves.


1. There are three rounds of this competition as listed below:

 a. Elimination round: Contestants will have to perform for a time duration of 1 minute on the track of their own choice.

 b. Semifinal round: It is a face-off round.Your opponent will be selected by the judges randomly and you have to perform on a track selected by us.

 c. Final round: The winning contestants of Semifinals round will battle each other for winning title.It is also a face-off round.

2. The tracks for Semifinal and Final rounds will be played on spot.

3. Participants can incorporate styles like Hip-Hop, Tutting, flooring, breaking or B-Boying, krumping, Popping, Locking and Stepping, Bollywood, Western freestyle. Styles other than these are not encouraged.

4. Usage of props is allowed. These have to be brought by the contestant himself/herself.

5. Pre-recorded music should be brought in a pen drive in .wav or .mp3 format only and must be submitted 15-30 minutes before the competition.

6. Judge's decision will be final. Any kind of further arguments will not be encouraged.

Judging Criteria

1. Teams shall be penalized for not adhering to the time limits.

2. Variety in the moves shown.

3. Clarity, perfection, difficulty level and entertainment quotient of the moves shown.

  1. turn up the music-chris brown
  2. shape of you-ed Sheeran
  3. lean on-mazor later
  4. turn down for what-dj snake
  5. madcon begging
  6. hey mama-david Guerra
  7. get low
  8. sorry-justin Bieber
  9. sia chip thrills-ft Sean Paul
  10. light it up-mazor later
  11. boom-mazor later
  12. wiggle wiggle
  13. bangarang-skrillex
  14. cinema-skrillex
  15. scary monster-skrillex
  16. bakar bakar-nucleya
  17. uptown funk-mark ronson
  18. beat it dubstep-michael Jackson
  19. let me love u-justin Bieber
  20. get on the floor-jenifer Lopez
  21. hips don't lie-shakira


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