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One of the main events of Utkansh. Folk Lore is the event which brings participation in the form of folk dances. The folk of our regions bring us close to our roots, and give us the feeling of belongingness and identity.


1. Solo, Duet and Group performances all are allowed. A team must have minimum 8 member and not more than 18 members. Minimum 8 members should be present on stage at a time.

2. Time limit of the performance is 6-12 mins (+/-30sec).

3. If the above time limits are not maintained then points may get deducted according to it.

4. Props must be brought by the performers themselves. Use of props which can harm the stage are not allowed.

5. Any kind of vulgarity shall not be entertained.

6. Teams must bring their soundtrack (if required) in a usb and submit it prior to the competition. (The track should be in .mp3 format)

7. Musical Folk Dance performances and Live Folk Dance performances will be adjudged separately.

No. of Rules: 1

Judging Criteria

  • Choreography, Synchronisation, Stage Utilisation, Creativity and Style


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