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If you think you can make someone slave by the power of your words Or
You are so obsessed with stage, you even dream of podium Or
You understand grammar more than the expressions and feelings Or
You are talented enough to force people stand and clap for you.
Then yes you can be next MISS OR MR UTKANSH.

  • Round 1: ONLINE
    From 4th of March, all the participants have to send their picture along with name and mobile number to LADS page( ) and it will be posted on Utkansh Page. Scores will be given on the basis of maximum likes, comments and shares. From 5th of March, there will be a link of questionnaire on UTKANSH website under LA PERSONA. All the registered participants will get reminder on their registered mobile numbers to fill the form. Rules of the round:
    1. The picture should not be offensive or obscene in any form.
    2. Plagiarism and hatred comments in answers to questionnaire will lead to direct disqualification.
    3. Please fill out this link for Round 1: la_persona_questionnaire
    Remember : This round is must for further qualifications. No on the spot registrations will be entertained.
  • Round 2: DAY 1 -- 17th March 2017
    There will be a Situation-Reaction test of 30 mins. Every participant will get a sheet consisting 30 situations and he or she has to answer within a time. After SRT,There will be an Extempore round, where each student will be given 45 seconds to speak on a motion.
    Judging criteria: Each question of the test will be marked on the scale of 0 to 5, comparing the possible solutions to the situation. Extempore will be marked for participant's confidence, command over language, body language and content. TOP 25 will qualify for next round.
  • Round 3: DAY2--18th March 2017
    Press conference: The participants will be divided into 5 teams. Each team will get a motion under a THEME, which will be released on 10th of March 2017. Every other detail of this round will be revealed after results of round 2.
  • Round 4: DAY 3-- 19th March 2017
    Talent Hunt: All those who qualify to final round have to perform any one of their talents in the CENTER SEMINAR HALL. Also there will be a questionnaire round based on persona. Every other detail of this round will be revealed after results of round 3.
  • For registration of first round
    Fill this form


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