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"For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate."

LADC presents its mega event for Utkansh'17 where we celebrate our diversities, debate the differences, enlighten ourselves and provide solutions to the current problems that the world is facing in this Parliamentary debate style event, YOUTH PARLIAMENT.

  • Round 1:Group Discussion (Elimination round)
    1. Conducted on 1st day of Utkansh”17
    2. Individual Entry
    3. GD topic will be given on the spot.
    4. Time limit of 12 min(Max)
    5. 16 students will be shortlisted for next round.
  • Round 2:Parliamentary debate will be conducted on 2nd day of Utkansh”17 in 2 phases. The shortlisted 16 candidates will be formed in 4 teams. Phase 1 would be a knockout round where 2 teams will be selected for next phase. The format is as follows:
    Parliamentary Debate:
    1. There would 2 teams one supporting the motion and other opposing the motion
    2. Each team would comprise of 4 members with orators numbered as 1,2,3,4
    3. Orator 1 from one team would start with his speech, time allocated for each speech would be 3 minutes after which the moderator would ask for points of order from the opposite team.
    4. After conclusion of points, orator 1 from the opposite team would give his speech and a similar pattern would be followed.
    5. After conclusion of speech from all the orators there would be an open rebuttal round for 10 minutes.
    6. Points:
      • Points of Information: The opposition team would have the opportunity to ask the question or to comment on the orator's speech after raising a point of information. The Orator may choose to answer the question or ignore the question by "waiving his hand" or by saying "No Thank you".
      • Points of Order: The opposition team would have the opportunity to raise point of order if the opposition believes that any rule of the debate is being broken. However, the decision to consider a 'Point of Order's' validity shall remain entirely on the judges hand. Since seeing the situation for the event, the organising team is waiving off the compulsion to wear formals to the event i.e. Points of Order raised on a team's attire shall not be valid.


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