Let your imagination and creativity fly and achieve new heights with this movie-making event. Here is the great opportunity to get rewarded for your passion of movie.

There are several round of movie quiz during the event, audience are also invited and can win goodies in quiz round.

  • All you have to do is pick up a theme, make a short movie highlighting that theme, and you can be the one bagging the prizes. Judging will be done on the basis of directing, acting, screenplay and editing.
  • Theme is open, but be selective.
  • Also make sure that the movie that you are presenting must be cut short to minimum 7minutes and maximum time limit of 12 minutes.
  • Say a big NO to obscenity.
  • Participants are required to submit the video clip three day before the event schedule. No on-the-spot entry will be taken.
  • Video clip should be made after 31/Dec/2016.
  • Make sure participants have been already registered on Utkansh’17 website:
  • Participants may M@il their entries to us at: or
  • If you are using any copyrighted content in your clip, then you have to mention the credits.


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