Megasonic(Battle of Bands) is a contest in which many bands,usually rock or metal bands,but often musical acts from a range of different styles,will be competing for the title of "BEST BAND OF Utkansh'17". The winning band will receive the prize in addition to the obvious bragging rights.


1. Band must contain at least 4 members.

2. Drum Kit will be provided. All the other instruments should be made available by the band only.

3. Each band will be given 25 minutes to perform including sound check. The time may vary according to the given situation.

4. Original Composition will be given extra marks.

5. No abusive language will be entertained on the stage.

6. Judge's Decision will be final.

7. Register on this website and then send your videos on the fb page of Megasonic mentioned :

Judging Criteria

  • Technicality of the performance
  • Originality of songs
  • Professionalism
  • Stage presence
  • Vocals


NIT Jalandhar


+91 9501 052895, +91 9501 051996, +91 9878 385741