I walk with attitude because the world is beneath my toes,
I see the cameras’ flash, capturing my oomph and my pose,
I have ruled the ramp, I have redefined vogue
I have arrived. I am the star of this show!!

A brilliant mixture of flamboyance, style and attitude that will redefine fashion as you know it. We promise to set your hearts racing as glamorous models set the ramp on fire with their attitude and creative audacity. Utkansh’17 presents the ultimate fashion extravaganza - where excitement levels reach dizzying heights as you become witness to the sensuous display of thought in form!!



    1. Maximum number of participants per team is 32. In addition, there should be one person in charge for music and one for lights.
    2. Cross college teams can be formed. All team members must have valid college ID cards for the current year.
    3. Teams can take help of people outside the college such as designers, choreographers, makeup artists, but these professionals will not be considered to be a part of the team and will not be eligible for the awards, if any.
    4. On stage time for each team is limited to a maximum of 18 minutes including 3 minutes for stage setup. Exceeding the time limit would lead to disqualification,hence, teams are requested to strictly adhere to the time limit.
    5. Although overall presentation carries some weight, the participating teams should remember that fashion show is not merely a choreography competition; therefore, they should focus on walk, dress-up and attitude.
    6. All clothes and accessories are to be arranged for by the participating team. The organizing committee is responsible only for the infrastructural facilities.
    7. Music system will be provided. The teams are expected to bring their own CDs or pendrives in recognisable format for the sequence.
    8. Designers are encouraged to document their designs and artistic process, using various photographs, videos and written descriptions of their inspiration.
    9. Teams planning to use props must inform the organizers. Use of liquids, fire, pets or any other hazardous materials is not allowed. Teams are instructed to consult with the organizers before using any such material.
    10. Any form of obscenity/vulgarity will result in disqualification from the event. Hence, if the team feels that any stunt or costume design can be deemed as vulgar, it is strongly advised to consult the organizers than performing it directly on stage. The decision of the organizers will be final in case of any disputes arising due to this.
    11. There must be tech riders each for light and sound.
    12. The decision of the judges will be final and binding.


  • Stage dimensions:
  • Award Categories: Best Model Male, Best Model Female, Best Costume.
  • Judging Criteria: Designing Ethics, Models, Walk, Choreography, Make up & Overall Performance.